Year: 2023

Managing Stress and Burnout

Managing Stress and Burnout in the University Setting: Strategies for Wellness

In the dynamic and demanding environment of the California State University campuses, Unit 4 employees play a vital role in supporting students throughout their academic journeys. From recruitment to graduation and beyond, you are dedicated to promoting higher education, guiding students, and assisting them in achieving their educational goals. Discover how to better manage stress and burnout to have a healthier work life.

APC and Coalition of CSU

APC and Coalition of CSU Unions Rally at the Board of Trustees Meeting

On September 12, 2023, APC was present at Chancellor’s Office – Board of Trustees in Long Beach fighting for APC. We were just one of many CSU Unions represented to make our voices heard. It was exciting to see APC Officers, Stewards and members standing side by side with our fellow CSU Unions, including, CSUEU, Teamsters, CFA, and UAW, to demand that the CSU bargain in good faith by bringing a salary step program that works. The CSU Unions also came together to show the Board of Trustees that we do not support increasing student tuition. It is time for the CSU to invest in their employees!