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Breaking News – Contract Extended

APC and the CSU have reached an agreement to extend the current contract for 2-years, which is good news, but the APC Bargaining Team wants you to know the truth: this is a mixed bag. The year started with a rosy economic picture in which salary increases were expected. Unfortunately, with the onset of Covid-19 those hopes were dashed. The State faces a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall and the CSU is likely to see a reduction in state funding of about $400 million. Therefore, the Parties reached this agreement in order to protect benefits for ALL Unit 4 employees during this time when the economic, health and social systems are under a great deal of stress.
So, during this historic period, a period which will be remembered for its great uncertainty and social change, it was determined that maintaining a solid economic foundation was of paramount importance. Through the hard work and dedication of the APC Bargaining Team, Unit 4 employees will continue to receive the bonuses payments to which everyone has become accustomed. At the same time, the extension will ensure base-pay and benefit reductions are off the table.
A significant achievement was APC obtaining the ability to reopen negotiations if:
1. ANY other represented group receives a general salary increase (base-pay increase), or;
2. If existing executives receive an across-the-board salary increase.
APC’s Bargaining Team’s goals of protecting health benefits, retirement and salary while ensuring Unit 4 is not left behind if the economic picture improves were ALL achieved. The extension is a testament to the dedication and caring each member brought to the Team and for that everyone should be grateful.

View signed Memorandum of Understanding

APC – Ensuring A Quality CSU Education With Expertise, Support And Compassion

For students attending the California State University, Academic Professionals of California (APC) union members share their expertise along every step of a student’s academic path. We help ensure the quality of an accessible CSU education. From arriving on campus until graduating with a degree, a student’s life at CSU is filled with specialized support from the expert academic professionals of Collective Bargaining Unit 4. Our work with CSU students often begins even before they arrive on campus, and we assist all along the way until students receive their diplomas, and beyond!

APC1002.org is the official website for the Academic Professionals of California. The APC does not have an official Facebook corporate page.

APC supports the Stop the Repopulation of CSU East Bay

APC has been on the front line with our East Bay Unit 4 stewards and members since this disturbing push to repopulate the campus began back in early July. The CSU has not acted in good faith while we have been engaged in the meet and confer process with the Chancellor’s office on CSU East Bay’s Repopulation Plan. The APC Executive Board has been actively involved with Unit 4 campus members, visiting campus to participate with other unions and colleagues bearing witness to this atrocious action from the University administration.

We have stood shoulder to shoulder with CSUEU and other sister unions to defend our people in this fight for their health and safety. We have shared their message pleading with the President to reconsider his demand to repopulate. After exhausting all means of encouraging an amicable solution to this unfair move from the administration, on Thursday July 30, APC filed legal action against the CSU because they have chosen to ignore our pleas to STOP the repopulation.

APC will continue to fight to defend the health and safety of our Unit 4 employees their families and the communities they serve.

In Union,
APC Executive Board

APC Takes Legal Action to Protect Hi-Risk Employees

On March 15 th Chancellor White unilaterally created a program (Program) which required employees who are at hi-risk of suffering adversely from Covid-19 to either telecommute or, if telecommuting is not possible, to be placed on paid administrative leave. The Chancellor’s actions created a new Program which was made available to our members throughout the CSU system.

The Union’s position is that once the Program was created it cannot be rescinded without the University fulfilling its affirmative notice and bargaining obligation. Unfortunately, the University decided it can unilaterally withdraw the Program. This action was taken without regard to the potentially irrevocable harm it could cause to APC’s bargaining unit members or its duty under the law.

In fact, CSU East Bay was blatant in expressing its disregard for the law and the safety of its employees. The University sent a message to its employees stating, “[t]he TEMPORARY PAID LEAVE previously granted by the Chancellor’s Office for individuals 65 or older and/or who have a chronic medical condition(s) ends immediately.”
In order to stop this egregious and potentially dangerous action APC has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). APC’s charge is comprehensive and includes a demand that anyone negatively impacted by the University’s illegal actions be made whole.

In addition, APC is asking PERB to seek injunctive relief. This means going to court and obtaining an injunction prohibiting the University from placing more employees in danger, and immediately returning hi-risk employees home. Every effort will be made to provide additional information as things develop.

Lee O. Norris

Support Social Justice

The Academic Professionals of California (APC) stand in solidarity with anyone who denounces
the systematic racism that is embedded in our society and institutions.
These issues have long plagued our nation and the time is long overdue for individuals, and especially unions, to draw their strength together in calling for change in the attitudes, behavior and practices that our institutions utilize in promoting racism, bigotry and ignorance.
As a social justice union, APC continues to support the right to demonstrate peacefully and to call on all our local, state and nationally elected officials to implement critical reforms to address the inequities that are embedded in many of our civic institutions.
This is a monumental moment in time in our country’s history and we must push for change now! As union members, we have a greater responsibility to stand up for those who feel they do not have a voice. We must educate and empower them to stand with us in this fight.
Together, we can make a difference. Together, we stand with our CSU unions in promoting social justice and transforming the CSU.

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