Why Join

why join

Why Join APC?

Each Unit 4 employee is the union — All of Us Together are the Union. When APC succeeds, it is a direct result of our own participation.

Each New Member Makes APC Stronger! By joining the Union, you strengthen our ability to bargain more effectively. In our last round of bargaining we were able to come back with 5% more than what the CSU was offering. This bargaining power empowers our members and changes lives.

Joining APC Means Standing Up for Your Own Rights! Stand up now and join your fellow members to make your voices stronger. SIGN UP TODAY! Contact your campus steward for an application or apply online

Join Us

Without APC – You might feel Isolated, alienated and by yourself. 

Your union helps “shine the light” on problem situations. With APC by your side, you will have one less challenge to deal with on your own. You are not alone! Join us.

We work with Unit 4 workers to help resolve challenging work situations. You can rely on APC’s experience and expertise.

Workers can feel isolated and even start thinking it’s all their fault. They also might try to “go it alone,” and end up disillusioned after dealing with Human Resources primarily representing the university’s interests.

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How Does APC Work for Me?

Does APC Already Represent Me? In 1985, Unit 4 employees elected APC as their union. APC represents you in contract matters, and as a Unit 4 employee; you can call on us in times of need.

We Negotiate and Enforce our Contract. The APC Bargaining Team represents us in contract negotiations with the California State University (CSU). Your 1% dues helps APC negotiate a better contract on your behalf and fight back against attacks on our retirement, jobs and our rights as CSU employees.

We have bargained for a 3.0% General Salary Increase (GSI) starting July 1, 2018 and another 3.0% GSI starting July 1, 2019.

APC members voted for Salary Bonus Programs exclusive to Unit 4 employees such as the Long Term Service Bonus, Educational Achievement Stipend, a Merit Bonus Pool, and a Budget Shortfall Mitigation Bonus. As a union member you can provide input to the negotiations process. Once an agreement is ratified by APC members, we all work to ensure compliance.

We Employ Professional Staff. APC relies on the hard work of volunteers like yourself and our professional Labor Relations and Support staff provides important support for negotiating and enforcing our contract, administrative and membership services.

We are Here to Support You. When you have a potential problem or suspect there may be an issue in the workplace and you contact APC Labor Relations staff immediately! There are strict timelines which issues must be raised in order to protect your rights.

We Make It Our Business to Communicate. We have established a communications program to keep Unit 4 employees informed of current union news and developments throughout the CSU. This includes email alerts on relevant issues, a website containing valuable information and a quarterly newsletter.

We Foster Collaborative Efforts Beyond Unit 4. We continue to build coalitions with other unions to increase the collective strength of CSU employees.