APC CSU Sunshine Proposals

APC CSU Sunshine Proposals

The California State University’s Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals
Between The Board of Trustees Of The California State University
And Academic Professionals of California
(Bargaining Unit 4)
March 2022


Bargaining Unit 4
2022 Successor Agreement Negotiations
California State University Bargaining Proposals


ARTICLE 2 – Definitions
  • Update definitions to reflect any substantive changes elsewhere in the Agreement.
ARTICLE 8 – Union Rights
  • Amend as appropriate to incorporate AB 119 requirements into the Agreement.
ARTICLE 13 – Appointment
  • Amend as appropriate current contractual provisions in relation to appointment.
ARTICLE 14 – Probation and Permanency
  • Amend as appropriate current contractual provisions in relation to probation and permanency.
ARTICLE 17 – Assignment/Reassignment
  • Amend as appropriate current contractual provisions in relation to assignments and reassignments to promote efficiency and meet campus operational needs.
ARTICLE 19 – Sick Leave
  • Amend as appropriate current contractual provisions in relation to catastrophic leave.
ARTICLE 21 – Non-Discrimination
  • Ensure consistency with CSU Executive Order processes and prevailing law.
ARTICLE 22 – Leaves of Absence without Pay
  • Amend as appropriate current contractual provisions in relation to use of leaves without pay, including conformance with the law.
ARTICLE 23 – Salary
  • The CSU will make proposals to amend the salary Article.
ARTICLE 32 – Work Environment
  • The CSU will make proposals in relation to employee work environment, including but not limited to increases in parking rates.
ARTICLE 33 – Layoff
  • Provide clarity to existing language regarding work notice requirements allowing for easier implementation and better understanding of rights and requirements.
ARTICLE 34 – Duration
  • The CSU will make proposals on the duration of a successor Agreement.
Appendices and Side Letters
  • The CSU will review all Appendices and Side Letters, and make proposals to amend, retain, or delete as appropriate.

The University reserves the right to add, modify, or delete proposals during negotiations, in accordance with applicable laws.


Sunshine Proposals

APC hereby proposes modifications to the current collective bargaining agreement in the following areas:

Article 13, Appointment
  • Ensure the use of the appropriate classification standards.
  • Include appropriate employee representation on hiring committees.
  • Allow for qualified employees to be interviewed for open positions.
  • Grant hiring preference to current employees.
  • Affirm the right of employees to transfer accrued vacation when moving to another campus.
  • Provide a meaningful mechanism to address classification issues.
Article 14, Probation and Permanency
  • Affirm the President’s right to reduce employee probationary periods.
Article 16, Professional Development
  • Address issues with the application fee.
  • Seek equity for employees pursuing doctoral degrees.
Article 17, Assignment/Reassignment
  • Provide a minimum notice requirement for reassignments.
  • Clarify when and where employees can be reassigned.
Article 18, Evaluation
  • Clarify the information to be used during the evaluation process.
Article 20 Leaves of Absence with Pay
  • Modify definition of those considered immediate family for the administration bereavement leave.
Article 23, Salary
  • Provide for General Salary Increases in each year of the contract.
  • Ensure pay equity for periods when salaries were stagnant.
  • Provide a for Service Salary Increases for eligible bargaining unit employees.
  • Provide salary increases for employees designated as a “Lead”
  • Update the duration of the various bonus programs.
  • Continue the transfer of Merit Bonus monies into the Budget Shortfall Mitigation Bonus (BSM).
  • Clarify the eligibility date for the Budget Shortfall Mitigation Bonus (BSM).
  • Provide a meaningful mechanism to address In-Range Progression (IRP) issues and ensure a minimum percentage increase for those receiving an IRP.
Article 26, Vacation
  • Increase vacation accrual rates.
  • Clarify the vacation approval process.
Article 28, Hours of Work
  • Clarify working hours while travelling on University business.
  • Clarify what constitutes complex timekeeping records.
Article 32, Work Environment
  • Require a timely response to employees who raise workplace health and safety issues.
  • Ensure parking rate increases are implemented in a fair and consistent manner.
Article 34, Duration
  • This proposal is designed to complement the Union’s salary proposal.