Lobby Day in Sacramento

Lobby Day in Sacramento

APC and our sister unions have pulled out all the stops as we lobby the California Legislature to approve $287 million for the CSU to implement recommendations from the Mercer Salary Study. On May 23, APC joined the CSUEU, Teamsters and UAW at the state Capitol for Lobby Day 2022 as we continue our work to improve salaries for all employees in our bargaining unit.

The current CSU salary structure is broken. This is something CSU employees have known for years and now there is objective and definitive proof. For years, employees have been underpaid and undervalued, with little to no opportunity for advancement. Many are working 2 and 3 jobs, or have left the CSU altogether because they can’t afford to support themselves and their families on their CSU salary. This has to change! And the recommendations from the Mercer Salary Study detail exactly how to return equity and fair wages to the CSU.

APC Teamsters and CSUEU Lobby Day Sonoma Humboldt team


But first, the legislature has to allocate the funds in the state budget. And then Governor Newsom has to sign that legislation.

At Lobby Day 2022, APC leadership gathered with our sister unions to review the principal recommendations from the Mercer Report, and met with a representative from Governor Newsom’s office. Then, we broke into teams and met with legislators at the Capitol to share our stories and lobby for their vote to advance the funding needed.

Join APC in our advocacy efforts to Fund Our Future and make your voices heard! Now is our chance to get the fair wages we deserve. Contact your legislators today to urge that the state fund the recommendations from the study. Remember, we are stronger together!


Daryl Evans Lobby Day 2022