APC Represented at the CSU Board of Trustees May 2021

APC Represented at the CSU Board of Trustees May 2021

Edie and Dago attended the CSU Board of Trustees on May 18th, 2021, and spoke during the public comment session.

Here is the spoken transcript.

I’m Edie Brown, President of Academic Professionals of California, representing Unit 4:

Today I want to talk about the May budget revise released last week. It outlines some priorities such as:

  • closing the equity gap
  • improving time to degree completion, and
  • increasing California resident undergraduate enrollment

To Governor Newsom, where is CSU staff in your plan? Because your budget doesn’t mention us. These priorities cannot happen without [the] professional academic staff found in APC.

To Chancellor Castro, when the CSU receives these funds, don’t forget that professional academic staff in Unit 4 is how those priorities will be accomplished.

To campus Presidents, it’s time to RECOGNIZE the Unit 4 staff already in place on your campuses, doing a phenomenal job.

Unit 4 staff have never stopped serving students since the pandemic began. They have kept students in class and excelling on so many fronts because of the work that they perform.

As for the vaccine mandate, I would like to remind Chancellor Castro this must be bargained with the unions statewide leadership before you can implement that plan. As of this date, we have not seen a policy, but we look forward to the opportunity to negotiate when it’s ready.



Good Morning Trustees and Chancellor Castro,

I am Dagoberto Argueta, Vice President of the Academic Professionals of California representing Unit 4:

Recent news on the status of the pandemic are offering us the hope of returning to campus and the end to a difficult year. While Unit 4 employees are looking forward to seeing each other in person again, we would like to do so under safe conditions that would ensure our health and that of the campus community in general. Please, issue clear systemwide directives on repopulation and do not leave policies and practices of health and safety to individuals at each campus. A reasonable systemwide standard to safeguarding our health will be key in ensuring the success of our return, and we ask you to also think and plan for hybrid schedules utilizing telecommuting as a proven alternative to performing our duties in person.