APC /CSU Agree to Testing MOU

APCCSU Agree to Testing MOU

Dear Unit 4 Colleagues,

Since our last bargaining update to you, APC leadership has been working with the Chancellor’s Office to ensure all Unit 4 employees can return to campuses safely. When we receive a Campus repopulation plan or a University announcement regarding returning to campus, we are addressing issues we believe could have a negative impact on our members. Below is the latest information:

On Friday, August 20th, APC and the CSU met and finalized the COVID Testing MOU. You will find the memorandum of understanding between APC and the CSU on COVID-19 employee testing here. This document represents the efforts of APC’s Bargaining Team over several weeks to ensure a safe return to campus while also maintaining our right to privacy.

Please note that this document will be used mainly to govern the potential rollout of a COVID-19 testing program.

Below are the highlights of the memorandum of understanding:

  • While this is a system-wide agreement, individual campuses are not mandated to adopt it. They must opt-in.
  • Chancellor’s Office will notify APC 48 hours prior to the start of the Testing Program at any campus.
  • If a participating campus chooses to change the terms of the program, APC will negotiate the terms of the new campus specific testing program.
  • Testing will be provided at NO COST to the employee.
  • Testing has to occur during regular working hours.
  • Time spent testing will be considered work time.
  • Campuses should endeavor to make the program accessible (e.g, employees will not be required to travel excessive distances for testing).
  • Employees who provide proof of vaccination WILL NOT be subjected to mandatory COVID-19 testing.
  • Campuses are required to comply with federal and state laws regarding confidentiality and privacy of medical records.

In addition, the Bargaining Team returns to the table with the Chancellor’s Office next week for an all-day session. We have been in negotiations with the CSU for the last 3 months regarding the Mandatory Vaccination Policy, and the new Systemwide Telecommuting Policy. These will be the focus of next week’s session.

For more details on the above negotiations or the new COVID-19 testing program agreement with the CSU, please read the document in its entirety, or feel free to contact us at helpdesk@apc1002.org or laborrelations@apc1002.org for more information or if you have questions.

In Union,

The Bargaining Team

Edie Brown
Dagoberto Argueta
Christine McCarthy
Rose Duran
Mario Baeza
Lee Norris
Cynthia Brown
Daryl R Evans
Randy Montes
Sam Tran
Tammy Worthington