APC and CSU Reach 2022-2024 Agreement

APC and CSU Reach 2022-2024 Agreement

Soon after we concluded our Salary Re-opener with CSU, and while our members were voting to ratify the agreement, the CSU approached us to engage in discussions regarding a further contract extension. These discussions occurred while the CSU was in the final phases of their negotiations with our sister union CSUEU for their agreement that begins July 1, 2022.

The APC Bargaining Team agreed to listen to the CSU proposal. The CSU proposed a two-year contract extension to cover 2022-2023 and 2023-2024. After discussion with the APC Statewide Council, we are pleased to announce that we have agreed to a further tentative extension to our contract that will now continue through June 30, 2024.

Here are the details of the tentative agreement that APC members will be asked to ratify sometime in late July or early August:

  • Two-year extension of our Contract through June 30, 2024.
  • For 2022-2023, an additional 3% General Salary Increase (GSI), retroactive to July 1, 2022, and to be included in the December 2022 paycheck.
  • Retroactive payment for the additional 3% increase, covering July 2022 through November 2022.
  • Similar to the CFA Agreement, this 3% would be increased to 4% in the event that the California State Legislature supplemental contribution to CSU increases from the current $211 million to $300 million by September 30, 2022 (Note that we are not expecting this to happen, but we have secured the contract language in the event it actually does happen)
  • Expansion of Family and Medical Leave (FML) eligibility to include employee’s grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings
  • Inclusion of Juneteenth as a paid holiday if the State Legislature declares this a holiday or it occurs through an Executive Order of the Governor
  • For 2023-2024, we will commence bargaining in early 2023 to establish the 2023-2024 salary increase
  • In addition to the salary increase for 2023-2024, we will bargain over other economic issues such as salary steps, IRP, and Reclassification fairness reform, benefits, doctoral fee waivers and common-sense telecommuting options for employees

Together with CSUEU and the Teamsters, we will continue to fight for the California State Legislature and the Governor to fully fund the recommendations of the Mercer Salary Study. In the meantime, we acknowledge that it is important to get significant salary increases, lump sum and retroactive payments to our members.

Remember, all of this is only possible because we maintain a strong, dedicated union with high membership. If you have a colleague that will enjoy the benefits of these agreements who is not an APC member, please take some time to encourage them to join our movement!  In order to vote to ratify this tentative agreement, membership applications must be received in the statewide office or completed online by Monday July 25.

You may review and download the APC CSU Contract Extension TA (06-30-2022).