Bargaining Update – June 2024

Bargaining Update - June 2024

Meeting date: May 29th, 2024

Last week, the APC Bargaining Team met with our CSU counterparts for the second time. Unfortunately, the University continued to take a desultory approach to bargaining and arrived at the table without the essential economic proposals we had hoped to discuss. The CSU Team informed us that they were unable to formulate any plans related to our future compensation or any items dependent on the State of California budget.

Additionally, the CSU indicated that the May Revise Budget did not provide sufficient clarity on University funding for fiscal years 2024-2025 and 2025-2026. They stated that they would need to wait until the final budget bill is signed toward the end of June.

Given that the economic aspect of any proposal will be crucial to our strategy, the APC Bargaining Team has agreed to pause further talks until the first week of July. By then, we expect the CSU will be ready to discuss key economic items and the duration of our contract.

In the meantime, we continue to monitor the state budget and advocate for appropriate funding for the CSU. Members can also support the work of the Bargaining Team by recruiting new members. If you are not a member of APC, you may JOIN HERE.

In Union,

APC Bargaining Team

  • Dago Argueta (San Francisco): APC President
  • Lee Norris: APC Labor Relations Manager and Chief Spokesperson
  • Christine McCarthy (Fullerton): Bargaining Chairperson
  • Patrick Choi (Bakersfield): APC Vice President
  • Rose Duran (San Luis Obispo): APC Recording Secretary
  • Mario Baeza (San Bernardino): APC Council Member-At-Large
  • Daryl Evans (Dominguez Hills)
  • Tammy Worthington (Stanislaus)
  • Sam Tran (East Bay)
  • Juno Palau (San Diego)
  • Chris Beck (Fresno)
  • Ashley Riley (Fullerton)
  • Krystal Flores (Pomona)
  • Cynthia Brown: APC Labor Relations Representative
  • Bill Cruice: APC Labor Relations Representative