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We recognize the loss, and honor the legacy of Arthur Arzola, part of our APC community, in the highway tragedy of April 11, 2014 in Northern California. Please read about his work and of his memorial scholarship here.

CSU Trustees Ratify APC Collective Bargaining


Academic Professionals of California (APC) President, Mary Kay Statham-Doyle addressed the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees at a meeting held in Long Beach on November 13, 2012, regarding the proposed Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between APC and the CSU. To read more click here.

CSU Trustees Ratify APC Collective Bargaining Agreement

Pension Reform for CSU Employees

The Public Employee Pension Reform Act (PERPA) of 2012, was passed by both houses of the state legislature on August 30, 2012. This legislation was signed by Governor Brown on September 12, 2012, and will become California law on January 1, 2013 read more here.

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APC 2014 Officer Elections - Update

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APC - Helping Make Dreams Come True

Ensuring a Quality CSU Education with Expertise, Support & Compassion

For students attending the California State University, Academic Professionals of California (APC) union members share their expertise along with every step of a students' academic path. We help ensure the quality of an accessible CSU education. From arriving on campus until graduating with a degree, a student's life at CSU is filled with specialized support from the expert academic professionals of Collective Bargaining Unit 4. Our work with CSU students often begins even before they arrive on campus, and we assist all along the way until students receive their diplomas, and beyond!

When a student even considers coming to CSU, APC members are in the community promoting higher education and keeping the university accessible. Our work touches all students who arrive at a CSU, with a range of APC academic professionals helping support student success at all levels. Earning a degree can be a challenging journey, but APC members are there to guide the way, providing academic student support services and specialized programs. When students need assistance selecting classes, determining majors, finding career paths, and developing academic success strategies, we are there.

Across the state and on each CSU campus, students are helped and supported by professional advisors, and other expert APC members. We provide vital services such as orientation, housing, financial aid, tutorial, career services and more! Through a quality CSU education students achieve their life-long dreams. The journey can be a challenging, but students can depend on APC members' knowledge and expertise to help them succeed.