Workplace Issues

Most Common Work Issues Brought to APC:

  1. Disrespectful or Hostile Manager/Work Environment
  2. Poor Working Conditions
  3. Being Treated Differently/Unfairly compared with Coworkers
  4. Being Unfairly Disciplined (Process, Rationale)
  5. Workload Concerns
  6. Assigned Work Outside of Classification
  7. Manager’s Ignorance about Exemption (e.g., flexibility and informal adjustments of schedules)
  8. Need for Reclassification
  9. Need for In-Range Progression (raise)
  10. Unfair Evaluation (Process, Inaccurate/false Content, etc.)
  11. Manger’s illegally restricting sick leave
  12. Having Fee Waiver Class Access Denied or Disrupted
  13. Unduly restrictive schedules of Exempt workers (denying capacity for completing professional aspects of job)
  14. Disrupting/Denying ability to teach (25% assignment of Unit 3 work) – despite exempt status