Article 34

Duration and Implementation

34.1 This Agreement shall become effective upon ratification by both parties and shall remain in full force and effect up to and including June 30, 2024.
34.2 All contractual provisions changed from the prior Agreement shall be effective upon ratification of this Agreement by both parties except that wherever a date is specifically indicated herein as the effective date for a change, such specifically indicated date shall govern.
34.3 Negotiations for a successor agreement shall commence when one of the parties delivers to the other its proposals in writing, no earlier than February 1 and no later than March 1, immediately preceding the expiration of this agreement.
34.4 Any term(s) of this Agreement which is deemed to carry an economic cost shall not be implemented until the amount required therefore is appropriated and made available to the CSU for expenditure for such purpose(s). If less than the amount needed to implement this Agreement is appropriated and made available to the CSU for expenditure, the term(s) of this Agreement deemed by the CSU to carry economic cost shall automatically be subject to the meet and confer process.