Article 32

Work Environment

32.1 An employee or group of employees may make recommendations and suggestions regarding maintenance/improvement of a professional work environment.
32.2 When such recommendations and suggestions are submitted to the appropriate administrator in writing, the appropriate administrator shall respond in writing giving the disposition of such recommendations or suggestions.
Library Privileges
32.3 In addition to current library privileges of unit members, an employee who teaches a university-approved course shall be entitled to full library privileges.
Recreational Facilities
32.4 Employees shall have access to campus recreational facilities during non-scheduled work hours unless the President has determined that such access interferes with the authorized use of the facilities. The standard campus fee may be charged for the use of CSU-operated facilities. The use of campus recreational facilities by employees, except when part of an assigned duty, shall be wholly voluntary and shall not be considered as time worked.

Employees wishing to park at any CSU facility shall pay the CSU parking fees. The CSU shall provide for payroll deductions for this purpose upon written authorization by the employee. Parking fees may be increased at any time during the fiscal year, but campuses may not increase parking fees more than once per fiscal year.

Parking rates shall not be increased more than the percentage of any agreed upon General Salary Increase in Fiscal Year 2022/2023 and 2023/2024. The increase may apply to all staff parking rates, which could include daily, monthly, semester and/or annual permits.


For the duration of the agreement, the campus shall not substantially reduce the availability of non-reserved staff parking for the use of APC represented staff with non-reserved parking permits.

APC represented employees employed at two or more campuses shall not be required to purchase multiple parking passes. Procedures to implement the terms of this provision shall be determined by the CSU.