Article 15

Career Advancement

Career Development Plan
15.1 The purpose of a career development plan is to facilitate an employee's acquisition of education, training, and experience needed to meet the qualification requirements for entry into a higher level position on the campus.
15.2 A career development plan may be developed by an employee working in conjunction with an appropriate administrator and/or advisor/mentor. Prior to implementation, the plan shall be signed by the employee and subject to written approval by the appropriate administrator. A copy of the plan shall be sent to the campus Human Resources Office.
15.3 Except as provided for elsewhere in this Agreement, the employee shall be responsible for acquiring education and training on their time and at their expense as necessary to meet the requirements of the career development plan.
15.4 The appropriate administrator shall approve requests from the employee for enrollment in the CSU fee waiver program, provided such requests are consistent with the career development plan and subject to provisions of Article 16, Professional Development.
15.5 The career development plan is subject to at least annual review and renewal by the appropriate administrator. Lack of satisfactory progress by the employee towards the goals of a career development plan may be cause for withholding further approval of the plan.
Career Opportunities
15.6 After successful completion of a career development plan:
  1. Notice of such successful completion shall be placed in the employee's personnel file.
  2. An employee may submit with their application for appointment to a higher level position, a statement regarding experience and education acquired under the plan.
  3. A qualified employee who applies for a vacant posted position consistent with the plan shall be interviewed.
  4. The President, at their sole discretion, may appoint the employee to a vacancy in a higher level position. At the time of such an appointment, the employee shall have met the minimum qualifications of the appropriate classification. A vacant position filled by an appointment made pursuant to this provision shall not require posting. An employee receiving such an appointment shall serve a new probationary period, pursuant to the provisions of Article 14, Probation and Permanency.