Appendix K



The parties hereby agree as follows:
1. This Memorandum of Understanding shall become effective upon ratification by both parties.
2. In accordance with the existing classification standard, the training period for Evaluator Trainee or Credential Analyst Trainee shall be six (6) to twelve (12) months.
3. Trainees shall be appointed at a salary rate within the appropriate classification’s salary range. If at the time of appointment the trainee is a person employed on the campus, the salary rate shall be at the trainee’s current salary rate unless the rate is outside the trainee classification salary range. In such cases, the trainee’s salary shall be at the salary rate within the range which is closest to the trainee’s current campus salary.
5. Trainee classifications shall be temporary classifications and shall not be utilized beyond the training period specified in the classification standard or this Memorandum of Understanding.
6. Upon the successful completion of training (as determined by the President), an employee shall be appointed to the appropriate Level I classification and shall be granted a salary increase of no less than five percent (5%). In such cases, the employee shall receive credit of six (6) months toward completion of their Level I probationary period for the time worked in the trainee classification.
7. If at any time during or at the completion of the training period the President determines that an employee is not performing successfully, the employee shall return to the Unit 4 classification and salary held immediately prior to the training period only if such employee held permanent status in that classification.
8. The Parties agree that the SSP I A classification will be amended to state that the classification provides a training opportunity for approximately six months to twelve months (not to exceed twelve months).