Dear APC/Unit 4 Member,

The APC Bargaining Team has reached a tentative agreement with the CSU on the July 2015 – June 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Ballots and a more detailed description of the agreed upon articles will be mailed out to APC members after the first of the year. APC and the CSU agreed to changes in several key articles of importance to the APC membership and Unit 4 employees such as in Article 2, a clarified definition of what it means to be a supervisory employee and a more concise process/timeline by which a temporary employee can be put into a Unit 4 position without the benefit of the required search.

In Article 13, we increased the notice period for early separation of temporary positions and clarified that temporary employees in their final year before reaching permanency cannot be arbitrarily reduced in timebase. Other changes include reduction to one year of probation for part time employees in Article 14, defined “lateral classifications” and limited involuntary assignments in Article 17, extended the definition of “immediate family” in Articles 19 and 20 to include aunt and uncle. In addition, modifications to Article 8 include the Union’s right to meet with new employees at orientation and in Article 12 the right to reasonable release time for Unit 4 employees and their representatives to meet and prepare for disciplinary action. As stated, a full explanation and specific language for each article will be mailed to all APC members with their ballot.  Only APC members can vote on the contract so if you are not an APC member, please contact your steward for an APC membership application or go to:

When I addressed the Collective Bargaining Committee at the Board of Trustees meeting November 17, I ceded my remaining time to CFA speakers in support of their efforts to reach a fair contract.  APC has received a few inquiries on what impact potential CFA actions may have on Unit 4 members or what could happen if Unit 4 employees are assigned Unit 3 work.  Since APC is under contract, we cannot take job actions.  To read more about supporting CFA and limitations please go to:

We will keep you posted on any developments.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday time off.

In union,
Patrick Choi
APC President