Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a tentative agreement has been reached between APC and the CSU on Article 23 Salary, and Article 24 Benefits through the 2016-17 fiscal year. In addition, there are improvements in Article 32.5 Parking and In-range Progression (IRP) language. Highlights include:

  • APC and CSU agreed to guaranteed General Salary Increases (GSI) of 3% retroactive to July 1, 2014, 2% GSI effective July 1, 2015, and another 2% GSI effective July 1, 2016.
  • Current Article 23 bonus programs continue during this period.
  • Article 24 Benefits language remains unchanged through 2016-17.
  • Limited increases to monthly parking fees to a cumulative total of $3.00 over the next three years.
  • Unit 4 members on all campuses will now be able to submit IRPs directly to Human Resources and will be entitled to a response within 90 days.

Upon CSU Board of Trustees approval, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be made available. It is expected that GSIs and retroactive GSI payments will be processed before the end of the year. Please contact your stewards if you have any questions.

In union,

Patrick Choi
APC President