A generous outpouring of support has helped to create two substantial scholarship funds honoring the memory of those lost in the I-5 Charter Bus accident.

The message below was provided by University Advancement.

Thank you! The outpouring of support from the Humboldt family has been overwhelming. Your compassion has helped generate almost $100,000 for the Arthur Arzola and the Michael Myvette & Mattison Haywood Memorial Scholarships.

After announcing the original $20,000 gift match challenge, we met that goal in less than 24 hours. Because of that momentum, we were able to double the gift match challenge to $40,000. The Humboldt family met that challenge in just 6 hours.

Folks were also encouraged to attend Friday’s Dance of the Century because $5 would be donated for the first 1,000 people through the doors. We didn’t know what to expect. We were blown away when more than 1,400 people attended.

We wanted to create a lasting way to honor those affected by this tragedy. We tried to find a way to turn heartbreak into hope. Thanks to your gift and your support that goal is now a reality. There are so many grateful people that it’s impossible to list them all.