APC and the CSU have reached an agreement to extend the current contract for 2-years, which is good news, but the APC Bargaining Team wants you to know the truth: this is a mixed bag. The year started with a rosy economic picture in which salary increases were expected. Unfortunately, with the onset of Covid-19 those hopes were dashed. The State faces a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall and the CSU is likely to see a reduction in state funding of about $400 million. Therefore, the Parties reached this agreement in order to protect benefits for ALL Unit 4 employees during this time when the economic, health and social systems are under a great deal of stress.

So, during this historic period, a period which will be remembered for its great uncertainty and social change, it was determined that maintaining a solid economic foundation was of paramount importance. Through the hard work and
dedication of the APC Bargaining Team, Unit 4 employees will continue to receive the bonuses payments to which everyone has become accustomed. At the same time, the extension will ensure base-pay and benefit reductions are off
the table.

A significant achievement was APC obtaining the ability to reopen negotiations if:

  1. ANY other represented group receives a general salary increase (base-pay increase), or;
  2. If existing executives receive an across-the-board salary increase.

APC’s Bargaining Team’s goals of protecting health benefits, retirement and salary while ensuring Unit 4 is not left behind if the economic picture improves were ALL achieved. The extension is a testament to the dedication and caring each member brought to the Team and for that everyone should be grateful.

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