The CSU and APC Bargaining teams met at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach on April 18th for the first of five scheduled sessions. APC came prepared, ready to bargain our proposals. The CSU, however, was not prepared to move forward with any written proposals until the May Budget Revise is announced and vetted with the Board of Trustees.

Our next scheduled meeting is May 1st in Long Beach.

Respectfully submitted,

APC Bargaining Team

  • Dora Apodaca, Long Beach
  • Dago Argueta, APC Vice President, San Francisco
  • Mario Baeza, Council Member at Large, San Bernardino
  • Edie Brown, Sonoma
  • Cynthia Brown, Pomona
  • Patrick Choi, APC President, Bakersfield
  • Rose Duran, APC Secretary, San Luis Obispo
  • Christine McCarthy, APC Treasurer, Team Chair, Fullerton
  • Lee Norris, Labor Relations Manager, Chief Negotiator
  • Bernhard Rohrbacher, Senior Labor Relations Representative
  • Sam Tran, East Bay