Edie Brown, CSU, Sonoma
Edie Brown Letter of Candidacy

Patrick Choi, CSU, Bakersfield
Patrick Choi Re-Election Statement

Vice President

Dagoberto Argueta, CSU, San Francisco
Dagoberto Argueta Re-Election Statement


Christine McCarthy, CSU, Fullerton
Christine McCarthy Re-Election Statement

Recording Secretary

Cynthia Brown, CSU, Pomona
Cynthia Brown Letter of Candidacy

Rose Duran, CSU, San Luis Obispo
Rose Duran Re-Election Statement

All the above candidates are active APC members with a proven record of dedicated service to the CSU.

We encourage you to become acquainted with our colleagues from all over the state who have taken the generous step of running for office.

Please read their Candidate Statements in which they articulate to all of us, the voting body of APC, their qualifications and visions for the office they seek. You will receive ballots and voting instructions during the week of February 20, 2017. Completed ballots must be received by March 21, 2017.