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23 Jun 2020

Supreme Court DACA APC Response

For many in the APC community, waking up to today’s Supreme Court’s decision on DACA was a huge victory. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program will continue! This is a time of celebration for many of our employees who are themselves DACA recipients and others who work directly with our DACA students. We should acknowledge their hard work and dedication in providing them with access to quality higher education.

This is also a victory that has been hard fought by our members, stewards, and officers (past and present) over the years that resulted in DREAM Centers on many of our campuses, providing essential services to DACA recipients. This news does not diminish or overshadow what we are witnessing in the national BlackLivesMatter movement but reminds us there are students and staff that are both in the BLM movement, are undocumented and are vulnerable because of their DACA status.

There are an estimated 9,500 undocumented students at California State University’s 23 campuses, and perhaps half of those have DACA status. California State University Chancellor Timothy White called the decision “a truly outstanding and welcome outcome,” writing, “Some of the CSU’s brightest students and most dedicated employees are Dreamers and they are found on each of our 23 campuses.”

We continue to salute the efforts of those who made this social victory possible and commend our students and fellow Unit 4 employees who have rallied behind this historical victory!

In Union,
APC Executive Board

9 Jun 2020

Contract Extended

APC and the CSU have reached an agreement to extend the current contract for 2-years, which is good news, but the APC Bargaining Team wants you to know the truth: this is a mixed bag. The year started with a rosy economic picture in which salary increases were expected. Unfortunately, with the onset of Covid-19 those hopes were dashed. The State faces a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall and the CSU is likely to see a reduction in state funding of about $400 million. Therefore, the Parties reached this agreement in order to protect benefits for ALL Unit 4 employees during this time when the economic, health and social systems are under a great deal of stress.

So, during this historic period, a period which will be remembered for its great uncertainty and social change, it was determined that maintaining a solid economic foundation was of paramount importance. Through the hard work and
dedication of the APC Bargaining Team, Unit 4 employees will continue to receive the bonuses payments to which everyone has become accustomed. At the same time, the extension will ensure base-pay and benefit reductions are off
the table.

A significant achievement was APC obtaining the ability to reopen negotiations if:

  1. ANY other represented group receives a general salary increase (base-pay increase), or;
  2. If existing executives receive an across-the-board salary increase.

APC’s Bargaining Team’s goals of protecting health benefits, retirement and salary while ensuring Unit 4 is not left behind if the economic picture improves were ALL achieved. The extension is a testament to the dedication and caring each member brought to the Team and for that everyone should be grateful.

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